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News from AEAC


In January we welcomed Dr. Micah Kohles from Oxbow Animal Health who was in town on business.  It’s always great to hear what’s new and what we can expect, like new hay “flavors” and treats for our favorite patients. 

April was a another trip to Birmingham, UK for the BSAVA conference, where Dr. Lennox presented on exotic animal topics, and got this great photo with good friend and colleague John Chitty, newly installed president of BSAVA, and this gracious gentleman who agreed to pose with us.

April also was the month of the Ferret 500, a great event and fundraiser for the Five Points Ferret Refuge.  This is always a great time to meet friends and learn about amazing products just for ferrets….and watch an actually ferret show.   

Dr. Lennox is privileged to speak at a number of single day veterinary conferences sponsored by Oxbow Animal Health. The first was in June in Seattle, and was made better by wonderful weather, visits with colleagues, and hiking in some spectacular spots along the water.

In August, Dr. Lennox traveled to Greece to attend the Annual Meeting of the European College of Zoological Veterinary Medicine (ECZM.) She also visited her French colleague Dr. Françios Quinton’s new clinic outside of Paris.





September – New Orleans was the site of the Critical Care conference this year (IVECCS), and team leader Dr. Jennifer Graham taught the principles of stabilizing exotic animals along with Dr. Lennox and Dr. Eric Klapke.  New Orleans is always a place to explore and eat in between classes! Always a great place!







We enjoy our collaboration with Purdue University Veterinary students-this fall our team helped teach basic handling skills, and gave a lecture to the combined exotic and feline  clubs-on the medicine of exotic cats (servals, bobcats, and even bigger cats).

In October, Dr. Lennox visited Oxbow’s new facility in Omaha, Nebraska.


Special thanks this year to our volunteer bunny socializer Bill Lee. He come to the clinic weekly to work with EARPS new rescue bunnies to help get them ready for possible adoption. Here we tricked Bill and substituted a cute kitten!












The Avian and Exotic Inn was finally completed and able to offer full boarding services for just about ANY exotic pet (size permitting, of course). There was actually no room in the Inn at Christmas!







Dr. Lennox gave two Oxbow conferences for local veterinarians in both Texas and Calgary, in Alberta Canada in February and April. Oxbow provides a nice one day low cost conference for veterinarians and technicians, and AEAC is always glad to be a part of this effort.

Sarah and Dr. Lennox are styling in new Oxbow work out wear and cute bunny backpacks.














Our second “So You Want a Pet Chicken” Day was almost cancelled due to weather, but brave chicken loving souls came out, and learned from Dr. Pat Wackenell and her residents.












Dr. Lennox traveled for Philadelphia to teach at the Delaware Valley conference, and of course had to spend time following the steps of our Founding Fathers. It’s actually as impressive as she thought it would be.

Independence Hall, Philidelphia






The Lennox Family visited past intern Dr. Lindsey Woods Erby  and our good friend Dr. Laurel Harris in Utah at the newly remodeled Wasatch Exotic Pet Care Clinic near Salt Lake City (on our way to hike in Moab). What a beautiful clinic!

Delicate Arch in Arches National Park












The Ferret 500 was  held again this year, and was another success.

Ferret 500









Long Beach, California was the location of the annual PAC VET conference, and Dr. Lennox spoke on treated rabbit GI disease, sedation for exotic pets, and all the safe and interesting ways to spay and neuter exotic pets. No trip to this area is complete without a visit to Universal Studios Hollywood.

Jaws at Universal Studios Hollywood










We were lucky this year, as the annual AVMA conference was held in Indianapolis, which meant no long-distance travel for Dr. Lennox and many of our staff. Indianapolis can host very nice conferences, and the convention center was efficient and inviting. Good friend Dr. Cheryl Greenacre from the University of Tennessee was another instructor and clinic visitor.

Fall is always the busiest time, as the biggest US exotic conferences are held around this time. The Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians (AEMV) and Association of Reptile and Amphibian Veterinarians (ARAV) (plus the zoo vets) held a combined conference in September in Dallas TX.

Combined Conference in Dallas












The final speaking engagement was a little closer to home-Flint Michigan, where Dr. Lennox taught a day of lectures, spent time with fellow avian specialist Dr. Kim Buck, AND saw the largest Christmas store in the entire world, Bonner’s in Frankenmuth MI. It really has to be seen to be believed. There was every kind of ornament you could ever want, including bunnies, ferrets, emus, reptiles and much much more. If you are ever in the area, it’s open and dressed for Christmas all year long! www.bronners.com




January began another busy year. In March, Dr. Lennox traveled to the University of Wisconsin to teach at the WEZAM conference (Wildlife Exotic and Zoo Animal Medicine) Club with a number of outstanding veterinary colleagues.

wisconsin promo

It was fun to visit the University of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine and see such a strong exotics program with many enthusiastic and interested veterinary students.

This spring, Drs. Swisher and Lennox taught labs and lectures to Purdue School of Veterinary Medicine veterinary students.


In mid April, Dr. Lennox left for Poland, then back closer to home at the University of Illinois, for an avian behavior lunch lecture for students sponsored by Lafeber Company.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 9.09.52 PM


Check out Lafeber’s wesbite to learn more – www.lafeber.com/vet/lafeber-student-program-sponsorship-dr-m-scott-echols-uc-davis-wildlife-exotic-animal-medicine-symposium/


 The most exciting event occurred in early June – breaking grown for the next addition to the Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic. With luck our new boarding facility, the Avian and Exotic Inn, will be ready for guests by Thanksgiving!



It was back to Orlando for the North American Veterinary Conference, one of the largest gathering of veterinarians in the world. Just for fun, look at these attendance figures:

NAVC Conference Attendance 2015

Veterinarians  – 6,447
Veterinary Technicians  – 1,581
Practice Managers –  613
Support Staff  – 394
Students –  863
Exhibitors   – 4,029
Family & Guests –  2,313
Press & PR  – 143
TOTAL – 16,383

Cori enjoying the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Cori our practice manager attended the Practice Management stream. She came back with lots of ideas to improve customer service and help run the practice more efficiently. Dr. Lennox attended avian, reptile and fish presentations (yes, fish!) and taught some exotic companion mammal topics as well. This is always a fun event, a true “City of Veterinarians!”

At the end of the month, Dr. Lennox took a quick overnight trip to teach at the Michigan State Veterinarian conference in Lansing.


April was a busy month traveling from Amsterdam and the European Veterinary Conference “Voorjaarsdagen” then to Paris and the biannual iCare conference, which is the largest all-exotics conference in Europe.

Click here for a summary of some of the presentations – Dr. Lennox’s is at the very end.

We can’t say enough about Paris and our European colleague’s hospitality-and we can’t wait for the next one in Venice!


Keukenhof Gardens, near Amsterdam


Dr. Lennox and Dr. Tom Donnelly enjoying dessert in Paris


AEAC hosted our first Rabbit Health Day-participants learned subjects from bonding a new pair of rabbits to detecting signs of illness.  Thanks to the Indiana House Rabbit  Society and Oxbow Animal Health for their support.



In August it was back to the combined meetings of the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians (AEMV), the Association of Avian Veterinarians  (AAV) and the Association of Reptile and Amphibian Veterinarians (ARAV), now called EXOTICSCON.    Dr. Swisher did an excellent job delivering her first big presentation on a case of sepsis in a pet rabbit.

Here is the link to the program; see Dr. Swisher’s name at the end of the speaker’s list.



Dr. Lennox and her daughter Katie in D.C.

September started with the IVECCS conference in Washington DC, followed by an Exotic Companion Mammal Symposium – in Montreal Canada.


Cori and Dr. Lennox in a Montreal tea shop



October saw another venture overseas. Dr. Lennox taught an Oxbow Companion Mammal Symposium in Hong Kong, and then traveled to Tokyo for a combined meeting of the Japanese Society of Exotic Pet Medicine (JSEPM) http://www.jsepm.com/ and the Japanese Association of Avian Medicine.

Dr. Lennox and teaching assistant

This was a wonderful and relaxing trip, thanks to the excellent hospitality of our hosts.

Dinner 1

Dinner with new colleagues in Japan



Dr. Lennox’s teaching tour ended in New Orleans at the American Board of Veterinary Practitioner (ABVP) conference.  No trip to New Orleans is complete without lots and lots of very good food.

Overall, this has been a great year for clinic and staff, and we look forward to a big announcement about expanding our facility in 2016!  Stay tuned.



We love our new addition and all of the extra room in the back of the clinic!


Back to the North American Veterinary Conference for continuing education for several team members. Corina attended the practice management lectures, and Dr. Lee attended the avian lectures. Dr. Lennox taught exotic companion mammal lectures and had a little bit of fun with family at Medevial Times!  We really loved the falconry demonstrations!

Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament




Oxbow Animal Health held an interesting and educational seminar for veterinarians and veterinary students where Dr. Hughes Beaufreré and Lennox taught at the University of Guelph near Toronto.



Dr. Amber Lee is now officially 1/2 way through her challenging avian medicine residency. One more year, a big test, and a couple of papers to go!

In June we welcomed Dr. Samantha Swisher as our Exotic Companion Mammal resident.



This year’s Association of Avian Veterinarians (AAV) conference was in New Orleans in the middle of August, which was hot, but very entertaining and great continuing education. Dr. Lennox team taught the pre-conference day with Drs. Dan Johnson, Micah Kohles, Drury Reavill and Jennifer Graham on “The Critical Rabbit”. Yes, this was an avian conference, but AAV joined with the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians (AEMV) to provide a little cross species programming.


The rest of the Lennox Family found some exotic wildlife; this young alligator followed the tour boat hoping for a handout.


Another lucky break for us: a great conference at home. The International Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society (IVECCS) had their meeting right downtown in Indianapolis. Dr. Lennox Dr. Steve Mehler, and our very own resident Dr. Swisher provided the ER doctors some information on how to treat critical exotic patients. Dr. Lennox also sat on a panel that discussed sepsis in the emergency patient, and how to recognize and treat it. Sepsis is a dangerous inflammatory condition that is a response to an overwhelming infection. We’ve recognized some cases in exotic patients, and it was great to discuss this condition with world-recognized experts.


AEMV’s annual conference was in Orlando. It’s always great to connect with national and international exotics experts and see good friends again. Dr. Lennox taught a wet lab with Dr. Avery Bennet, a board-certified surgeon, on surgeries of the head of the rabbit. This includes diseases of the eye, ear, nasal cavity and dental structures.

photo 2

Participants of the surgical wet lab learn new techniques to take home for their patients.

Of course being in Orlando meant some recreation as well. See if you can spot anyone you know in this picture!

Everest Disney Ride959

Hint: two of the 3 gentlemen are past visitors at Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic!

The AEMV conference was barely over before it was off to Nashville to teach exotic companion mammal topics for the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners (ABVP) conference.  This one was over Halloween; however next year it moves to another time slot. This way Dr. Lennox can dress up for Halloween in 2015.


This month represented the longest trip of the year, and the most memorial; visiting with and teaching our wonderfully hospitable colleagues in Thailand.

Posing with the entire class of participants and the organizers. Note the beautiful scarf Dr. Lennox is wearing-a thank you gift from the organizers of the conference.

We started the trip in southern Krabi Provence, then moved closer to Thailand for the actual conference.

Fun in Krabi Provence with our friends Dr. Bee and Dr. Chow, and travel companion Katie Lennox

Wonderful food, interesting animals, and a great warm ocean to play in (not lots of that in Indiana!).

Dr. Lennox and Katie on the beach



This year we said goodbye to intern Dr. Lindsey Woods and hello to intern Dr. Heather Goldstein and avian resident Dr. Amber Lee.


  • Birmingham UK, British Small Animal Veterinary Association Annual Conference, both Exotic Companion Mammal and Avian topics to both veterinarians and veterinary nurses.  While not specifically an exotic medicine conference, this is one of the largest gatherings of veterinarians of all types in the world.
  • Colorado Association of Certified Veterinary Technician’s (CACVT) annual conference in the beautiful mountains of Breckenridge, (there was still snow and some skiing going on)!  Taught a wet lab on procedures in small exotic animals to the veterinary technicians, who are always a great enthusiastic group.


  • Veterinary Practitioner Association of Thailand (VPAT) represents one of the farthest places from home we’ve ventured, and it was a wonderful experience.  Our hosts Drs. Bee and Chow showed us around the beautiful country where we became devotees of Thai food.  The trip ended with lectures in exotic companion mammal topics and a wet lab on rabbit dentistry at the Mahidol Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

  • North American Veterinary Conference Institute was much closer to home in Orlando. Drs. Dan Johnson, Cheryl Greenacre, Lauren Powers, and Lennox taught an intensive 3-day course in exotic companion mammal surgery and procedures.
  • Ferret 500 Show  Even closer to home we set up shop at the ferret show and handed out educational materials and answered questions on all medical things Ferret.  It was a lot of fun.  This show benefited 5 Points Ferret Refuge: http://fivepointsferretrefuge.webs.com


  • American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) conference  in Chicago. Dr. Lennox taught avian courses.  Drs. Cheryl Greenacre and Marcy Souza taught interesting courses in pet chicken medicine, which was extremely well attended.  Like our clinic, many exotic animal veterinarians are seeing an increase in pet chickens presenting for veterinary care.  (We think pet chickens are terrific!)


  • The Association of Avian Veterinarians (AAV) Annual Conference in Jacksonville, Florida. This is a great gathering of enthusiastic avian practitioners.


  • We officially opened the addition to the clinic, and debuted our brand new reception area! This allowed us to stretch out a bit in back and add additional hospital and surgery space.
  • The Association of Exotic Companion Mammal (AEMV) in conjunction with the Association of Reptile and Amphibian Veterinarians joint annual conference in none other than Indianapolis!  It was fun for the whole staff to attend parts of this conference, which was a success.  Exotic veterinarians from all over the world came to attend the scientific program and wet labs.  Indianapolis rated high on our survey of participant satisfaction!  Dr. Lennox taught courses in exotic companion mammal medicine and reptile medicine.
  • Dr Lennox received the Oxbow practitioner of the year award and was honored at a dinner and friendly “roast”.


  • American Board of Veterinary Practitioners Annual Conference in Phoenix, AZ.

That’s it for a busy and exciting year!



On the road yet again:

  • April:  This month we taught twice, once at the ABVP conference in San Antonio (a wet lab with Dr. Dan Johnson), and to beautiful Colorado for something new: the Colorado Association of Certified Veterinary Technicians’ annual conference (seewww.CACVT.com).  The technician group was huge, well organized and very enthusiastic!  The best part was a visit to the local zoo and an exhibit where we could hand feed the giraffe.
  • June:  This was an exciting month with teaching in Lisbon, Portugal and Rimini, Italy, along with our friends Drs. Rui Patricio and Dr. Vittorio Capello.  Participants in Lisbon learned how to safety intubate rabbits.  We would go back just for the wonderful food!
  • August: The Association of Avian Veterinarians’ conference was close to home this year-in Louisville.  With the help of our friends at Healthipet Network, we had dozens of birds available for lab participants to learn the principles of safe sedation in parrots. All participating parrots had physical examinations and were groomed during the lab. 

Dr. Lennox received the 2011 Avian Speaker of the Year Award, presented by AAV President Dr. James Harris

  • September: This was a new conference for us, the conference of the Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society in San Antionio, TX (www.veccs.org ). Dr. Lennox presented critical care topics and a lab exercise with Dr. Natalie.
  • October: AEMV/ARAV/AAZV (combination exotic companion mammal, reptile and avian conferences) in Oakland, CA.
  • November: Dr. Lennox taught mammal and avian courses at the Illinois state veterinary conference.


Dr. Lennox’s teaching schedule 2011:

  • January: North American Veterinary Conference in Orlando for another great 3 days of exotic companion mammal topics.
  • April: The European Association of Avian Veterinarians in Madrid, Spain. Dr. Lennox taught a lecture on sedation in the avian patient, and a procedures/surgery laboratory (see picture).
  • May: I Congresso Do Centro Veterinario de Exoticos Do Porto in Portugal  The conference included lectures in avian, mammal and reptile medicine, including both an avian procedures and a dentistry laboratory.

Dr. Lennox, Dr. Jaime Martorell, and Dr. Marla Lichtenberger, Cristina Bonvehí, Roger Such, and Sara Barrera at the Avian Procedures and Surgery lab, Conference of the European Association of Avian Veterinarians, April 2011.


Dr. Lennox’s teaching schedule 2010:

  • January: Back to the North American Veterinary Conference in Orlando for 3 days of exotic companion mammal topics. A few months later it was announced Dr. Lennox had been voted Exotic Speaker of the Year for a second time.
  • February: Iowa State Veterinary Conference-mammal and avian topics.
  • March: We visited the clinic of Dr. Kevin Wright in Mesa, AZ for the annual Oxbow Conference. Dr. Wright’s clinic was the perfect setting to discuss exotic companion mammal medicine and surgery.
  • April: Dr. Lennox taught exotic companion mammal courses at theAmerican Board of Veterinary Practitioners annual conference in Denver.  A few days prior to the conference Drs. Greenacre (University of Tennesse) and Lennox volunteered at the Gabriel Foundation, an outstanding bird rescue and educational facility. We examined and groomed birds and enjoyed the terrific hospitality.  Please visit the Gabriel site at www.thegabrielfoundation.org.
  • May: Drs. Lennox, Mehler and Johnson taught 3 days of an intensive hands-on exotic companion mammal course in Orlando.
  • August: Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarian/Association of Avian Veterinarians annual conference in San Diego, California.  This is the largest combined exclusively exotic conference in the US and represents a terrific opportunity to learn, share and network with colleagues.
  • November: Japanese Society of Exotic Pet Medicine conference in Tokyo, Japan.  Lectures and a dentistry wet lab. Then the Proveto Exotic Animal Course in the Netherlands; course on exotic pet medicine and a dentistry wet lab.

The clinic welcomed veterinary visitors from italy, Spain, Portugal and South Korea.

Dr. Lennox was flattered to sign a copy of the Clinical Radiology book for a conference attendee.


Dr. Lennox’s teaching schedule 2009:

  • January: North American Veterinary Conference in Orlando, Fl: various topics including medicine of unusual exotic pets and use of sedation in exotic companion mammals.
  • February: Western States Veterinary Conference, LasVegas, NV. Rabbit Dentistry Wet Laboratory.
  • April: British Small Animal Veterinary Association, Birmingham, UK. Various lectures on blood sampling, diagnostics and anesthesia.
  • April: Oxbow Animal Health Sponsored Conference, Raleigh, NC.
  • June: Pacific Coast Veterinary Conference, California.
  • August: Association of Avian Veterinarians/Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians Conference, Milwaukee, WI. Laboratory on critical care of exotic companion mammals, various lectures.
  • September: Southwest Veterinary Conference, San Antonio, TX


Dr. Lennox’s teaching schedule 2008:

  • January: North American Veterinary Conference in Orlando, FL: various topics in exotic companion mammal medicine, in particular critical care.
  • February: Minnesota State Veterinary Conference: courses on avian and exotic medicine and surgery.
  • April: Central Veterinary Conference, Baltimore, MD: courses on avianand exotic medicine and surgery.
  • August: Association of Avian Veterinarians and Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians Conference in Savannah, GA, laboratories on avian critical care and diagnostic imaging.
  • September: Australian Exotic Animal Veterinary Conference, Queensland, Australia.
  • October: Kentucky Veterinary Medical Conference.
  • October: Publication of Clinical Radiology of Exotic Companion Mammals, by Capello and Lennox.


Welcome Oxbow Hay Company!

In April, we welcomed Dawn Hromanik from Oxbow and avian and exotic practitioner Dr. Susan Orosz for a one-day mini-conference on rabbit and ferret medical topics. Also present were representative from the House Rabbit Society, and EARPS exotic animal rescue. We thank the Circle City Veterinary Clinic for hosting this fun and exciting event. Learn more about the Oxbow company at: www.oxbowhay.com

Dr. Lennox’s teaching schedule 2007:

  • January: North American Veterinary Conference in Orlando, FL: various topics in exotic companion mammal medicine, avian behavior and reproductive disease.
  • February: Western States Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas, NV: Laboratory in rabbit dentistry.
  • March: European Association of Avian Veterinary Conference in Zurich, Switzerland: Presented on the treatment of mycobacteriosis in pet psittacines.
  • August: Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians/Association of Avian Veterinarians Conference and Expo, Providence Rhode Island: Laboratory on exotic mammal radiography
  • October: Wild West Veterinary Conference, Reno, NV: various exotic companion mammal topics
  • December: Texas A&M University, teaching Rabbit and Rodent Dentistry wet Laboratory, and avian and mammal medicine courses


2006 Summary of Events:

Dr. Lennox taught at the Western States Veterinary Conference in Las Vegas, NV in February, the International Conference on Exotics in Bonita Springs, Florida, in May, the Association of Avian Veterinarians Conference in San Antonio, TX in August, and the Kentucky Veterinary Medical Association Conference in October.

In early November we welcomed Dr. Marla Lichtenberger to Indianapolis for a terrific short course on Exotic Animal Emergency and Critical Care Techniques, held at the Circle City Veterinary Hospital.

2006 brought a number of local, US and international visiting extern students and veterinarians from Purdue University, North Carolina, Louisiana, Texas, Germany, Italy and Brazil.

One of the most exciting highlights of 2006 was a trip to the Oregon Tiger Sanctuary with Dr. Cathy Johnson-Delaney to treat a number of large exotic cats and primates.  The Sanctuary is dedicated to caring for abused and abandoned large cats and primates in a beautiful serene setting with an enthusiastic and compassionate staff of caregivers.  We worked two long days with these amazing animals, and in return enjoyed the beautiful setting, wonderful food and terrific hospitality.


Dr. Angela Lennox Awarded Exotic DVM of the Year.

Dr. Angela Lennox was awarded Exotic DVM of the Year at the International Conference on Exotics in Ft. Lauderdale, May 2005.

Continuing Education

Dr. Lennox traveled to Arles , in Southern France to present at the European Association of Avian Veterinarians Conference in April. She presented a paper on the impact of anesthesia on gastrointestinal transit time in birds.

First Steps Rabbit and Rodent Dentistry lecture and wet lab were held May 25th . The lecture was taught by Dr. Vittorio Capello with help from Dr. Cathy Johnson-Delaney. Lab instructors included Drs. Peter Fisher, Angela Lennox, Dan Johnson and Connie Orcutt. The laboratory was completely sold out months in advance, which emphasizes the increasing interest in dentistry in these species. First Steps was sponsored by the Association of Exotic Mammal Veterinarians, aemv.org.

The International Conference on Exotics was held in Ft. Lauderdale in late May. Dr. Lennox presented papers on new diagnostic testing and the use of the endoscope in small exotic mammals. A number of very interesting topics were presented, including an update on ways to evaluate shock and fluid therapy in seriously ill birds and exotic pets.