As an exotic pet owner, it's important to have accurate, medically correct information on the care of your special pet. Please click on the icons to the right to select care handouts for reptiles, birds or mammals.




Guinea PigThank you for trusting us with the care of your avian or exotic pet! We are pleased to offer Indiana’s only exotics-exclusive boarding facility and are dedicated to providing the best care possible for your pet while you are away.

Our facility offers a wide array of services to ensure that your pet is healthy and happy during his or her stay:

  • Spacious and comfortable cages and enclosures in species-specific rooms. The birds can be as loud as they want without bothering the bunnies!
  • Temperature and lighting control with music during the day
  • Continuous interaction with veterinary staff. We even offer out of cage playtime!
  • Since we do not board cats or dogs, our guests are free from the stress of barking and the scents of predators
  • Each guest is checked daily by a member of our medical staff to ensure continued good health
  • Should a medical issue arise, Indiana’s only Avian and Exotics Specialty clinic is just steps away!
  • Our boarding facility is kept completely separately from our hospital, with its own air handling system to minimize any contact with hospitalized patients


Requirements for Boarding:

  • Current on Annual Exam with Avian and Exotic Animal Clinic
  • Boarding Admission Exam at time of boarding
  • Vaccines for ferrets and other animals susceptible to distemper virus


Why does my pet need a Boarding Admission Exam if he is already up to date on his Annual Exam?

  • Our medical team has determined that the most cost effective method to ensure all guests are healthy is a thorough physical examination. Examination at the time of check in is the best way to protect all of our guests.
    • Some boarding facilities require an examination and certain medical tests sometime with the last 6 months to a year prior to boarding. Since medical condition can change rapidly, and tests for exotic pets can be unreliable, we feel the examination at the time of admittance is a better choice for the safety and health of all guests. If an abnormality is detected, we will contact you right away to discuss the best diagnostic or treatment options.
    • Pets who are due for an annual exam will receive their annual at the time of check in. Pets who have had an annual exam within the last year will receive a lower cost Boarding Admittance Examination at check in.


What to Expect/Bring/Not Bring

  • Check In is between 8am and one hour before the clinic closes, Monday through Saturday. This ensures that each guest has enough time for their Boarding Admission Exam and to get settled in comfortably for the night.
  • Our goal is to make your pet as happy and comfortable as possible for his or her stay. If you feel your pet would be more comfortable in his or her own cage, you are welcome to bring it. We also have our cages or enclosures that can be used as well.
  • We provide all dishes, bowls or water bottles so you do not need to bring them. We recommend bringing up to two toys or perches that may make your pet feel more at home. Please note: we make every attempt to ensure that all items are returned and undamaged but this is not guaranteed. If an item is valuable or difficult to replace, please leave it at home! We will provide all litter boxes, hides, litter and bedding for our guests.
  • We provide Oxbow and Zupreem brand foods for our guests. If your pet eats something else, please bring it. For our herbivores, we provide Oxbow Timothy or Alfalfa hay. If your pet prefers a different brand or type of hay, you are welcome to bring a small (15oz) bag of it. You are also welcome to bring fresh foods and up to three kinds of treats! Please note: all reptiles and poultry/waterfowl must provide their own food. Again, please ensure that all items are labeled!
  • Check Out is between 9am and close, Monday through Saturday.



Boarding Admission Exam: $15

Boarding Rates per Night:

  • Rabbits: $15
  • Small Mammals (Guinea pigs, rodents) $12
  • Large Mammals (Ferrets, Skunks, Prairie Dogs) $25
  • XS Birds (Finch, Canary, Budgie) $12
  • S Birds (Cockatiel-Conure)$15
  • M Birds (Quaker-Grey) $18
  • L Birds (Amazon-Cockatoo) $20
  • XL Birds (Macaws) $25
  • Poultry/Waterfowl: $30
  • Small Reptile $12
  • Large Reptile $25
  • Additional Pet in same cage: ½ regular rate per pet


Mammal Luxury Suite Services: Small: $40 per day, Medium: $45 per day, Large: $52 per day

  • Daily* Out-of-Cage Playtime
  • Daily Coat Brushing/Groom/Dust Bath (species specific)
  • Daily* email with brief update and photo
  • Nail trim (as needed, by request)
  • Daily morning and bedtime treats
  • Daily foraging toy

Parrot Luxury Suite Services: Small: $50/day, Medium: $60/day, Large: $65/day, X-Large: $75/day

  • Daily* Out-of-Cage Playtime
  • Daily* Bath (by request)
  • Daily* email with brief update and photo
  • Nail/wing trim (as needed, by request)
  • Daily morning and bedtime treats
  • Daily foraging toy

Ala Carte Services

  • Out-of-Cage Playtime*: (minimum 30 minutes)
    • Bird: $20.00 per session
    • Mammal: $15.00 per session
  • Medications/treatment: $5.00 per treatment
  • Nail trim: $9.50-$16
  • Wing Trim: $9.50
  • Daily Photo email with brief update*: $5.00 per day
  • Daily coat brushing/grooming/dust bath: $8.00 per day
  • Foraging toys: $5.00 per day


*Please note: Some Daily services are not available on Sundays at this time.

We also offer Extended Stay and Multiple Pet Discounts!



Our boarding form can be downloaded here.