Observations from Angela Lennox, DVM:

The Sad Reality of an “Easter “Bunny

Story by Dawn Sailer

Rabbits make wonderful pets, but they are a long term commitment and require specific care.

Easter is a very challenging time of the year for companion rabbit lovers and animal welfare advocates (https://rabbit.org/easter-and-rabbits-do-not-mix/).  Each year the market is flooded with cute, fuzzy baby “Easter” bunnies.  And each year when the rabbits hit sexual maturity approximately 2-3 months later, disillusioned rabbit owners surrender their rabbits to animal shelters.  Rabbits are the third most commonly surrendered animal to US shelters (https://rabbit.org/rabbits-in-shelters-findings/).  Each year, rescue groups (https://rabbit.org/independent-rabbit-rescue/) work tirelessly to save “the Easter Dump” rabbits. 

If you see a cute baby “Easter” bunny, please consult the “Make Mine Chocolate” website (http://makeminechocolate.org/mission) to see if a rabbit is the right pet for you.  If a rabbit is a good fit for your family, please obtain a rabbit from a shelter or rescue organization (same url as above).