Observations from Angela Lennox, DVM:

Update #3 on Red Ryder

Quick recap: Miss Red was found outside with BB gun wounds and was taken in by the good folks at Indiana House Rabbit Society. We were able to safely remove two of the BBs, but the other two were in dangerous areas and we needed more information before attempting to remove them. Red Ryder was taken for an ultrasound.

Red Ryder’s ultrasound showed that the BB at the shoulder was actually within a muscle and not under the scapula, but it appeared to be starting some infection as we saw with the two we removed.











WARNING- the surgical image below may be disturbing to some. This image shows the BB (gold in color)  being removed from Ryder’s shoulder.

During this procedure, we took out the 3rd BB, located in the muscle of Ryder’s shoulder. The surgery went well, and she went back to the rescue the same day.

The 4th BB is located in her neck, near the carotid artery and the trachea; that one will stay there unless there is evidence it’s beginning to cause a problem.

Throughout all of this, Red is in good spirits and doing well!

“Red Ryder is doing great after her latest surgery. In fact, she’s actually doing better. She’s more active, her appetite is better, and she’s chewing up all her toys. She tried a green bean (treat) for the first time today and was so unimpressed that she gave me a dirty look and turned her butt to it. She doesn’t act like she was dumped outside and shot at. Ryder is completely comfortable being in a home setting, around all sorts of other animals, including big dogs and cats. She’s friendly and doesn’t get frightened by things going on around her.” – Sarah Dehn, current foster mom
The Indiana House Rabbit Society has a Go Fund Me page set up for Red Ryder’s medical care, and for the medical needs of any other foster bunnies the IHR is currently caring for. You can donate here.