Observations from Angela Lennox, DVM:

Winter Emergency Planning Tips

Thankfully we are through the polar vortex and heavy snow of last week! Unfortunately, it looks like temperatures will soon be dropping again, though. If you don’t have one in place, now is the time to be sure your bad weather/power outage plan is ready!

Many exotics pets do not tolerate temperature decreases well, especially tropical reptiles and small birds such as finches (especially the Gouldian finch). So, before the next cold snap, be sure you have the following:

  • A backup source of heat, such as a generator or wood-burning heat source, with proper ventilation to protect pets from fumes
  • An alternative backup location (boarding facility/hotel/friends’ homes) that will temporarily house your pets if you have to leave the house
  • A labeled, safe and secure carrier for each and every pet for transport
  • A travel container with pet foods, bowls and medications
  • Portable chemical heaters (for camping, hunting or cold weather sporting events) that can be placed close enough to provide warmth, but protected from chewing and puncturing.

Call us for advice and emergencies, should the need arise.

We wish you a safe and warm winter season!  We will update you with what to do when the weather is too HOT in about 6 months!


Keep enough carriers for each pet ready for evacuation. Emergency              supplies include food, food bowls, any pet medications, hand sanitizer and portable chemical heaters.

Pepe the Frog is transported in a plastic carrier set on an activated                  portable heater to keep warm.

Baby It’s Cold Outside! Double tuff is ready to evacuate to a safe,             warm location in case the power goes out.

“You! In here!” Be sure cages for emergency evacuation are clean, safe and secure.

“You! In here!” Be sure cages for emergency evacuation are clean, safe, and secure.